I already use software that allows me to search empty legs, how can JumpHub help me?

JumpHub is a free, centralized marketplace where you can search for empty legs or cargo flights and connect with operators, all in our smart search system. Operators will post their internal empty legs or cargo space in JumpHub that may not show up in your software of choice.

How do I search empty legs?

You can request a free account here. Enter your company information and once verified we will activate your account. You can then search using the 4-letter airport code, date, and cargo flights if desired.

How much does this cost?

Nothing, the system is free for brokers to search and contact operators for empty legs or cargo flights. We do not charge a commission.

I have found a flight I can use, now what?

Click on enquiry to send your details and a message to the operator. This will notify them of your request.  Operator information, and your enquiry, will now be displayed in your "Enquiries" page. 

By selecting a flight in your enquiries list, you will be shown if a flight is being actioned or worked on by the operator.  Alternatively, you can then contact the operator by phone. 


How does JumpHub return results for my search criteria?

JumpHub’s algorithm will return results in order from least amount of modification needed. We will also indicate if the flight is flexible. This will increase the likelihood of a usable flight from operators that may be on a tight schedule. JumpHub will automatically offer alternatives +/- 1 day of the date selected.

Can I search for cargo legs using this system?

Yes. You can select cargo only on the search function. Flights will be filtered to meet your criteria.