JumpHub is a non-rev solution for charter operators. 

We enable charter operators the opportunity to enter reciprocal non-rev agreements easily, while ensuring everyone is contributing to the spirit of "No pilot left behind".

Our software enables you to offer non-rev benefits to your flight crew. 

Our patent pending technology cleverly allows charter operators, big or small, the option to:

  • Automatically sync with your schedule, only certified positioning legs will be offered to jumpseaters. 
  • Automatic notifications if the flight changes with no nuisance requests. 
  • Offer a non-rev benefit to your flight crews that is smart and user friendly.
  • Enter reciprocal non-rev agreements easily.
  • Automate the process for finding and requesting non-rev opportunities.
  • Access to potentially thousands of positioning flights per month.
  • Save dispatchers and managers time, catering to non-rev requests.

Based on a clear need, we are 100% dedicated to providing a non-rev solution for charter operators, while maximizing utilization of flights that would otherwise go empty.

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