JumpHub is a turnkey non-rev program and empty leg solution.

Founded in Houston, Texas, JumpHub was born with an incredible vision in mind - to create a universal non-rev solution that caters to part 135, and 121 operators. We want to enable all operators the opportunity to enter reciprocal non-rev agreements easily, while ensuring everyone is contributing to the spirit of "No pilot left behind".

JumpHub bridges the gap between different operators jumpseat methods.  Operators who already have reciprocal agreements may not be fully benefiting from these agreements in place, that is where JumpHub comes in. 

Our software enables even the largest airlines to fully utilize agreements already in place and offer more non-rev benefits to your flight crew. 

Statistics show nearly 40 percent of all flights under part 135 go empty. This accounts for thousands of flights per month completely unutilized apart from relocating.

Our patent pending technology cleverly allows all 121 and 135 operators, big or small, the option to:

  • Negotiate or enter reciprocal non-rev agreements easily.
  • Get proper utilization of non-rev agreements already in place.
  • Ensure all operators are contributing fairly. 
  • Market empty legs or cargo space to brokers in a centralized easy to search system.
  • Have a turn-key automated non-rev program for requests and approvals.
  • Access to potentially thousands of business jet flights per month.
  • Save dispatchers and managers time, catering to non-rev requests.
  • Have a network of resources in cases of AOG to run parts and mechanics, or cover a trip.
  • Offer a non-rev benefit to all flight crews that is smart and user friendly.
  • All based in one simple to use, but intelligent software program and pilot's smartphone app.

As the creator of JumpHub, I have over 20 years experience in the aviation industry.

My aviation experience began with flying helicopters in New Zealand, geophysical survey flying around the world, flying corporate in the USA, directing charter sales, and serving as a charter jet Captain.

Based on a clear need, we are 100% dedicated to providing a non-rev solution for all operators, while simultaneously increasing revenue and maximizing utilization of flights that would otherwise go empty.

Please browse our website FAQ information for Brokers, Operators and Pilots, and join us to bring this incredible vision to life.

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