For the purposes of the JumpHub system, "jumpseating", "jumpseat" or "jumpseater" refers to the act of "non-rev" travel regardless of where that person may be seated.

Can anyone with a pilot's license use this system?

No. You must work for a FAA certified charter operator who is a participant in the JumpHub system. You must hold a commercial license or higher, have a current medical and company issued Identification.

How do I create an account and start using the benefits of JumpHub?

Talk to your operator or jumpseat manager.  For security, your operator will be the administrator of your account and will need to sign you up and grant you access. 

I’ve never jumpseated before, what am I supposed to do?

Non-rev travel is a privilege, so please conduct yourself accordingly. Follow direction from the captain at all times.  Feedback can be given about a rider at any time, and pilots will be removed from JumpHub for breach of policies.

Common non-rev etiquette can be found on www.jumpseatinfo.org.

What if there are no flights leaving from my selected airports?

JumpHub will display flights leaving within a given range from your desired departure and destination airport. This will allow you to search for another flight, purchase a ticket, or take a short drive to your desired destination.  Keep in mind that most available positioning flights may not show up until a few days in advance. 

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