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For the purposes of the JumpHub system, "jumpseating", "jumpseat" or "jumpseater" refers to the act of "non-rev" travel regardless of where that person may be seated.

Can anyone with a pilot's license use this system?

No. You must work for a FAA certified charter operator who is a participant in the JumpHub system. You must hold a commercial license or higher, have a current medical and company issued Identification.

Cabin Crew will be available to use this system with appropriate crew ID. 

How do I create an account and start using the benefits of JumpHub?

Talk to your operator or jumpseat manager.  For security, your operator will be the administrator of your account and will need to sign you up and grant you access. 

How does JumpHub improve my jumpseat process?

Finding and requesting jumpseats is as easy as requesting your next rideshare.  JumpHub centralizes the hard to find non-rev opportunities and allows flight crew to non-rev on available empty charter legs. 

inhouse jumpseating availability becomes automated and intuitive.  This allows you to get the most out of inhouse jumpseating benefits also.

Contact you jumpseat coordinator about inquiring with JumpHub. 

Does this system allow me to non-rev on the airlines?

JumpHub is open to all operators wanting to offer this program to their flight crew, some airlines will require specific non-rev agreements outside of the JumpHub system.

JumpHub bridges the gap between different operators jumpseat methods and allows you to search and request the difficult to find jumpseat opportunities.  

JumpHub was built just for you and will be working hard to secure relationships within the aviation industry. 

For airline pilots, JumpHub enables you to fully utilize agreements already in place.  Some operators schedules that your company has agreements with may not be readily available, such as cargo and unscheduled operators.  No one wants to call several operators hoping for a flight to utilize, all operators schedules are searchable within JumpHub. You can also request to non-rev on empty leg charter flights in the system. 


I made a request for a ride but it changed to "denied" or "cancelled", why was that?

Flights can be dynamic. The flight could have been sold, cancelled, gone mechanical or changed due to weather, try again. 

When will I get notified of approval for a non-rev ride?

You can request a flight at any time and this will act as a placeholder for flights with rider limits, however, the operator will only be notified of your request within 48 hours of the flight. The operator will then confirm flight availability and run you through a security check or no-fly list.  If your request was made outside of normal business hours on the day of travel, they may not get to your request in time. Such is the nature of non-rev. No flight is guaranteed.

I do not see any operator information on the search results page. How do I know where to go?

For security, you will only receive the operator and flight details when you are pre-approved. You will also receive the operators policy for non-rev travel. These will include uniform requirements, ID to be presented, and any other pertinent policies of carriage. Please read the notes and operators policy carefully as each operator's terms will vary.

Will I get to ride in the co-pilot's seat?

Each operation will have different security measures and different aircraft.  Where you sit will be at the discretion of each operator in accordance with their applicable security program. 

I’ve never jumpseated before, what am I supposed to do?

Non-rev travel is a privilege, so please conduct yourself accordingly. Follow direction from the captain at all times.  Feedback can be given about a rider at any time, and pilots will be removed from JumpHub for breach of policies.

Common non-rev etiquette can be found on www.jumpseatinfo.org.

I made a request but got no approval notification, what do I do?

Operators are busy and may not get around to your request in time, especially if it was made outside of normal business hours, or if that operator does not have a 24hr jumpseat manager.  Try again. 

What if there are no flights leaving from my selected airports?

JumpHub will display flights leaving within a given range from your desired departure and destination airport. This will allow you to search for another flight, purchase a ticket, or take a short drive to your desired destination.  Keep in mind that most available positioning flights may not show up until a few days in advance. 

How many requests can I make?

You can have 5 pending requests at any one time. Please note that operators are only notified 48 hours or sooner prior to the flights intended departure time. We ask that you be considerate with your requests and do not waste operators' time in approving multiple different requests for a desired flight.

I was pre-approved then notified that the flight was "unavailable". What happened?

The flight could have been sold or changed at the last minute. Such is the dynamic nature of aviation and the nature of riding for free. Keep trying.

I was pre-approved for a flight, showed up at the airport, and the captain denied my boarding. What are my rights?

None. The captain has sole responsibility of the safety of flight and can deny boarding for any reason. Any abuse or ill-tempers can be reported to JumpHub and that user account can be cancelled at any time. Remember to be polite and courteous.

Non-rev personnel on airlines are regularly denied. Such is the nature of riding for free.

Being pre-approved for a ride in no way guarantees a seat on the aircraft. 

Can I non-rev internationally using JumpHub?

JumpHub will allow requests for non-rev internationally. It is up to the operator to allow or deny international non-rev requesters, according to their own policies and time constraints.

Operators may request passport information in the notes or contact you directly if they are going to approve your request.

How can I prove I am in the JumpHub system?

Certain operators will require verification of JumpHub participation when getting security vetted before boarding. Your pilot's app can display a JumpHub ID card which is only accessible with an active account. The authorized representative can check your JumpHub card, against your company ID and pilot credentials for verification. The JumpHub ID is an indication that you are in the JumpHub system only.  You will still be required to be screened in accordance with the operator of the flights applicable security program based on where you are seated. 

I was pre-approved and want to check on the status of the flight. How can I do that?

Once pilots have received the details of the flight, pilots can then check on the status of the flight by checking various flight-tracking websites.  JumpHub asks pilots to avoid unnecessary contact with operators and captains, unless there is a discrepancy with the flight close to departure time.  Captains that have been notified by their operator will receive your contact phone number. They can then contact you for any last minute changes to the departure time or schedule.  Charter flights are dynamic and change regularly, so if a flight no longer is available, just try again.  Please remember that active flight plans may not show up until the day of travel.

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