We enable charter operators the opportunity to enter reciprocal non-rev agreements easily, while ensuring everyone is contributing to the spirit of "No pilot left behind"..

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JumpHub is a non-rev program built for charter and jet management operators.  JumpHub provides your flight crew with a unique non-rev system in a secure, smart and easy to use platform. 

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To create an account, pilots will need to be added by their approved operator.  Once added you can  access the unique non-rev program. Search available flights, request and get pre-approved easily.

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Add the JumpHub pilot link to your home screen!

Pilots will need to be granted access by their approved operator.  Once you complete registration, for your convenience, add the log in link to your home screen for easy access on the go. 

You can find the link here - pilot.jumphub.aero   

If your operator is not a participant in JumpHub, have them contact us today.

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