For the purposes of the JumpHub system, "jumpseat" or "jumpseating" refers to the act of non-rev travel regardless of where that person may be seated.  All requesters are required to be screened IAW any applicable security program or ops manual. JumpHub participation is not the equivalent of a CASS or TSA security check. 

How can JumpHub benefit me as a FAA certified 135 or 121 operator?

For unscheduled operators - Traditionally charter operators have been excluded from jumpseat agreements, by joining JumpHub you can work with other operators in the system and be able to offer a jumpseating option to your flight crew. JumpHub is an automated, secure, low maintenance system where you can market empty legs or cargo space, if the flight goes empty regardless and operational demands allow, you can accept pilots from other participating operators. 

For Scheduled operators - JumpHub allows you to properly benefit from reciprocal agreements you may already have but are not getting the full benefit from. JumpHub provides a secure turn key system for those operators that have antiquated listing procedures or unpublished schedules.  JumpHub opens up many more jumpseat options for your flight crew including charter empty legs. 


I am an operator with scheduled and unscheduled legs, how does JumpHub work for me?

JumpHub works for all cargo, charter, passenger, scheduled and unscheduled operators. Using our smart bulk entry system, entire schedules can be managed with ease. 

Empty charter or cargo legs can be added in seconds, you will also have the option of composing availability emails automatically for these flights. 

Scheduled passenger operators are not required to enter a flight schedule. 


What do you do with our flight legs that we enter?

When entering flights, you have the ability to select how these flights are marketed.  For flights selected as charter or cargo, JumpHub will actively market your empty legs or cargo space to brokers.  We do not charge brokers for access or take any commission from the sale of your empty legs. 

Charter flights will have the option to automatically generate a standardized NBAA airmail message. 

For scheduled operators - If you are not marketing empty legs or cargo space, you can select "Jumpseat only" when entering a flight. These flights will not be searchable by brokers.

Can a jumpseater see my operator information when they do a search?

No. Pilots looking for a flight can only see the city pairing and proposed departure time of the flight. They will only receive tail numbers and operator info including your policy of carriage once they have been screened in accordance with your applicable security program and have been pre-approved only. 

Can I search empty legs also?

Yes, you can search and contact other operators directly to arrange coverage of a trip or moving parts and mechanics.

JumpHub is not responsible for any agreements made using this system.

So I got a jumpseat request, now what?

Regardless of when a jumpseater made the request, you will only be notified of the request 48 hours or sooner to the proposed departure time.  If the flight is still available, you can vet the requester in accordance with your applicable security program and approve or deny based on your operational demands.  

You can also limit the number of jumpseaters allowed per aircraft type; this ensures you will never receive excess requests for a particular flight. 

My dispatchers are busy, how long does it take to enter a flight?

We have designed the system so that flights can be entered in as little as 15 seconds; our system takes care of the rest. 135 operators will save time by allowing JumpHub to compose availability emails and market these flights directly to customers through the broker's search function.

In our case study of an operators actual schedule, we entered over 9000 individually searchable flights in less than 1 hour. Once in the system these flights can be modified with ease. 

We have designed the system to be simple, smart, and efficient with minimal work for all operators.


I approved a non-rev request and now the trip has been sold, cancelled, or changed, what now?

Simply mark the flight as sold or deny the request, this will notify the requester immediately. Alternatively, you can call the requester and inform them by phone.

How can I notify the captain of a possible jumpseater?

When you pre-approve a jumpseater, you can select the captain from your crew list on JumpHub. This will notify the captain via email of the requester's name and contact information.  If the captain is not in the JumpHub system, you can enter his email address manually. 

If a Captain wants to leave earlier due to weather or operational demands, he will be able to contact the requester and notify them of the change. 

What if the flight changed or cancelled at the last minute with a preapproved jumpseater?

The captain has the final authority to deny boarding. As per the JumpHub Service User agreement, jumpseaters being pre-approved for a flight in no way guarantees access to secure areas or aircraft.

Jumpseaters on airlines are regularly denied also, such is the nature of non-rev travel.

I am concerned about security, how do I know who is getting on my aircraft?

Security is our priority too, our software is hosted on a USA based server with the highest security possible. We will never share your information with anyone outside of the JumpHub network.

When you create an account with JumpHub you will be contacted by JumpHub administration. Before your account is activated you will be vetted for security and eligibility.

Pilots can only access this system if they are actively working for a part 135 or 121 operator that has been verified by JumpHub. Pilots' accounts are controlled by the operators that they work for. 

Pilots must present a current commercial or ATP license, medical, and company ID. Pilot information within JumpHub can only be modified by the operator that particular pilot works for.

Due to my particular operation I only allow pilots who are in CASS aboard my aircraft. How does this system work for me?

Depending on your operation, you may require participation in CASS to allow jumpseaters on your aircraft.  You can select CASS required in your settings to alert requesters that this is the case.  As CASS applies to jumpseater's identity and authority to occupy a flight deck jumpseat only, you can assess if this applies to your particular operation. CASS has no bearing on eligibility to ride in the cabin.  A non-rev person who will be occupying a cabin seat does not need to be CASS approved. 

All requesters shall be vetted by each operator in accordance with any applicable security program.  

The PIC serves as the In-flight Security Coordinator (ISC) per TSA regulations. The PIC is ultimately responsible for verifying the requesters ID, license and medical. 

The JumpHub ID presented by the requesting pilot will clearly state who they are employed by. The JumpHub ID is designed to be used in conjunction with a company issued ID, pilot's license, and medical. 


How does this system work with reciprocal agreements?

By joining JumpHub you are able to reciprocate fairly and can negotiate agreements if required by other larger JumpHub operators. 

For other operators not requiring a specific reciprocal agreement, JumpHub acts as your agreement administrator for other operators in the system and ensures everyone is contributing to the program.

In all cases, you can still deny a non-rev person without consequence if operational demands do not allow a rider on that flight.

Is this system open to the airlines?

Yes. FAA certified 135 or 121 operators are allowed to join JumpHub. Some operators may be required to restrict access to flight crew in CASS only. 

Contact us for more information. 

Sounds great, how do I join?

Simply fill out the web-based form on JumpHub. You will be contacted by JumpHub and vetted for security and eligibility.  

How much does JumpHub cost?

Operators should contact JumpHub about pricing for their operation.  

Can I post my international legs? Do you offer them to jumpseaters?

Yes, you can post international legs.  It is up to you to approve or deny any request based on your time constraints and workloads.  Remember, you will always remain anonymous until you have approved a request. If you want to approve an International jumpseater, you can request passport information in the notes section of the approval page.

We have many exciting updates planned for the JumpHub system, including making the international process even easier.

We as an operator are not Argus or Wyvern rated, can we still use this system?


If you are a non-rated operator, you can still post flight legs and offer them to the non-rev system as well as brokers. We want to cater to everyone needing the services provided by JumpHub. We will note in results if you are Argus, Wyvern or IS-BAO rated so brokers can view this information easily.

As an operator I have my own specific non-rev policies, how are the requesters notified of this?

You can enter your specific non-rev policy in the operator settings menu. This can include uniform requirements, credentials required and all other pertinent information. You can also include directions to your locations on specific airports, such as airports with bases. This will be sent to the requester on pre-approval only. This will save time by automatically notifying a requester of your procedures and directions at specific airports.

I am concerned about liability. What if something goes wrong with a flight?

JumpHub’s terms and conditions that all users must agree to, clearly state that; "Operators accepting non-rev personnel cannot be held liable for missed flights, mechanical or weather delays, loss of finances, cancellations, denial of boarding or any unfavorable outcome of any flight or non-flight resulting from the non-rev system". The full terms and conditions are available on the sign up page. 

121 Specific FAQs

I am a scheduled 121 operator interested in this system; how do I join?

You can request an account on our sign up page, you will be contacted by JumpHub admin for onboarding. 

Scheduled passenger operators can utilize JumpHub to enhance their agreements already in place. 


I have 4 available jumpseats in my aircraft, how does this system cater to this?

You can select the maximum number of jumpseaters per aircraft type, and the system will cap the requests possible per flight. This ensures you will not receive excessive requests for all flights entered in the JumpHub system. 

I am not marketing my flights for sale, how does JumpHub cater to this?

Flights can be entered as "jumpseat only"; this will make the flight available to only jumpseaters.

How do I enter my schedule into JumpHub?

Scheduled passenger operators do not need to enter their schedule into JumpHub.

Other types of scheduled operations have the ability to enter a flight, flight number, a date range and select the re-occurring days of the week.  JumpHub will create the flights given the parameters you set. On our test operator case, we entered 9,000 searchable flights in less than an hour. Editing flights or extending schedules is incredibly easy once they are in the system.

Can I add flight attendants into my crew list?

Not yet but we are working on it!  Contact JumpHub for more information.