For the purposes of the JumpHub system, "jumpseat" or "jumpseating" refers to the act of non-rev travel regardless of where that person may be seated.  

How can JumpHub benefit me as a FAA certified charter operator?

JumpHub is a secure, turn key jumpseat program designed just for charter operators. 

Pilot recruitment and loyalty is a key priority for charter companies.  JumpHub gives you a competitive edge by providing your pilots with a unique benefit and easy access to jumpseat opportunities.

JumpHub uses your empty legs only to build a network of non-rev opportunities. 

There are no actual aircraft jumpseats required to participate and no manual updates required. 

JumpHub treats riders as non paying passengers but with high level security built in.

This is a closed system and is only available within the JumpHub network. 

Contact us for more information. 

As a charter operator, how does JumpHub work with my schedule?

JumpHub has the ability to automatically sync with your schedules positioning flights. 

JumpHub handles all notifications, is secure and prevents nuisance requests. 



How does this system work with reciprocal agreements?

By joining JumpHub you automatically enter a reciprocal agreement with other JumpHub operators. 

JumpHub will only be available to flight crew who are employed by another JumpHub operator. 

How much does JumpHub cost?

JumpHub is free for operators to offer to their flight crew.