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Security & Eligibility

Terms & Conditions

  • By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are agreeing to comply with JumpHub’s policies and procedures. 
  • Abuse of these policy’s and terms and conditions and misrepresentation by any broker, operator or pilot will result in removal of account.
  • JumpHub is not responsible for brokers and operators arranging and securing a charter flight. 
  • For continued security reasons, operators must remove crew members access from their account immediately on that crew members termination of employment. 
  • JumpHub is in no way responsible for jumpseaters or customers actions resulting in interference of a flight or non-payment, damage to aircraft or property resulting in financial loss to any party utilizing the JumpHub program. 
  • JumpHub is in no way responsible for injury or death to any persons, or damage to any equipment or aircraft resulting from any flight secured through this software.
  • Operators using JumpHub are wholly responsible for proper security vetting of and payment recovery from jumpseaters or customers. 
  • Legality of flight is the responsibility of the operator and captain. 
  • JumpHub is in no way responsible for adverse outcomes of flight or denial of boarding, including missed connections or flights, loss of finances, cancellations, weather and mechanical delays or delays resulting in an unfavorable outcome of any flight or non flight. 
  • Operators are responsible for compliance with their operations manual and the FAR’s at all times. 
  • JumpHub reserves the right to cancel any account and user for misuse, fraud misrepresentation or unprofessional behavior at any time without notice. 
  • Operators are responsible for setting their own terms and conditions for jumpseaters, this is done in account settings. 
  • Company jumpseat policies can be added under the operator settings page, this information will be sent to a ride requester on approval of a trip. 
  • Crew must adhere to each operators policy of carriage and obey all crew member instructions, sterile cockpit procedures must be in effect, crew members must show a valid credentials including company ID for boarding, crew pre-approved for a ride are in no way guaranteed access to the aircraft and can be denied for any reason by the captain, jumpseat requesters must meet the captain at the appropriate area of the airport for security check. 

By accepting the terms and conditions you are accepting the full terms and conditions

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